Cloud Payment Group brings to the market over 50 years’ experience spread across the Debt Collection, Software and Data industries delivering a unique dynamic approach to an antiquated industry.

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Digital Visual IVR

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Modern customers are accustomed to visual interfaces that make interactions simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Bring increased user experience to all customers, energize your organisation with the new visual IVR and create more successful resolutions. Eliminate confusing and cumbersome voice IVR trees with Visual IVR menus.


Visual IVR dramatically reduces time to successful resolution. Intuitive visual interfaces with purposeful automation mean customers find what they’re looking for up to 6 times faster than traditional voice IVR systems. Next-level speed provides incredibly low Average Handling Time and creates happier customers. Visual IVR transforms legacy IVR into modern convenience.


Fast, effective visual interfaces, combined with purposeful automation, increase call containment over traditional IVR alone and deflect common tedious calls away from busy customer service representatives. Digital IVR saves your staff from repetitive calls and decreases staff burnout. Visual IVR allows your team to focus on complex calls where a level of expertise is needed.