Payment Management

Payment Management

"Payment Management increases your customers experience whilst freeing up your internal resources."

Cloud Payment Group - Debt Collection Agency

Automated Payment Management allows your customers to pay by integrated payment methods ensuring their experience is seamless and easy, removing the need for paper forms which can act as an obstacle for payment.

Cloud has facilities to take all major credit card payments by recurring or one-off. Our integrated payment gateway has the highest-level PCI Compliance meaning you can rest assured that your customers data is fully secure.

This service can be self-branded, meaning that your customers will still feel at ease dealing with the brand they trust but with an increased customer experience.

Initial payment plans are set in line with your organisational policies and Cloud will monitor all arrangements and send regular reminders via SMS and email to keep your account at front of mind.

Never Miss an Opportunities to Help Your Customers Better

What does this mean for your organisation?

  • No need for large system changes to offer all the payment methods that are now expected. System upgrades and new implementation can be costly. As part of our service your customer will have the benefits but without direct costs being incurred.
  • Reduction in staffing costs. Our staff and systems monitor payment arrangements and where payments are not met we take timely action to ensure your customers do not fall behind, increasing your cash flow.
  • The facility to offer fully secure payment methods to all customers.
  • Timely reminders to keep your organisation at front of mind.