Analytical Reporting

Analytics Suite


"Operational Reporting, Business Analytics, & Actionable Analytics"

Cloud Payment Group - Debt Collection Agency

Understand your customer and build better experiences. Automatically working in the background of every interaction, the Cloud Payment Group Analytics Suite produces actionable intelligence based on customer behaviours and user trends throughout the Cloud Payment Group platform, enabling educated decisions within the Payment Management and Debt Collection workflows. This intel increases contact and payment ratios allowing Cloud to contact your customers in line with their routine.

Never Miss an Opportunities to Help Your Customers Better

Business benefits

Net Promoter Score

Cost Savings

Increased recovery results

Increased customer experience

Increased analytical measures – customer trends

Improved cash flow projections

Improved payment cycle time



Capabilities that grow with you

  • User friendly

    Beautiful charts and plots make understanding user data simple and easy. Create new actionable analytics streams with the click of a button.

  • Omni-channel

    Track interactions from every channel all in one place and compare how customers from different sources interact.

  • Access controls

    Allow limited access depending on different users’ roles. Control what data each user sees with simple controls.

  • Seamless integrations

    Cloud Payment Group Analytics Suite quickly and seamlessly integrates with any partner or third-party platforms you use to smoothly fit into your workflows.

  • Customised dashboards

    View every Analytics Suite insight in a customizable dashboard view and easily access deeper levels of data and more specific insights.

  • User behavior tracking

    Understand user trends and see exactly how every Cloud Payment Group interaction progresses automatically.

  • Active alerts

    Never miss critical service behaviors or important usage changes with actionable analytics alerts sent directly to your managers.