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Visual IVR is a revolutionary digital & visual self-service tool enabling customers to swiftly resolve their customer service needs by themselves, wherever they are, and without getting lost in complex voice IVR menu trees or talking to a Call Centre Representative (CSR).

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been a critical part of customer service for many years. This fundamental customer experience works well but the technology at its heart hasn't changed much over the past 20 years.

Digital Visual IVR utilises the most engaging aspects of modern smartphones to streamline the user journey and empower customers with impactful, intuitive, and personalised visual menus.

Customer experiences matter. Many people stop doing business with companies due to poor customer service.

Modern customers have an expectation for self-service created from the demands of today’s busy society.

Cloud-based solutions enable work-flow automation, rapid deployments, seamless integration to IVRs & back-end systems. This will increase your customers experience, improve inbound call containment rates, decrease handling times and reduce costs.

Cloud Payment Group - Debt Collection Agency

Modern customers are accustomed to visual interfaces that make interactions simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Bring increased user experience to all customers, energize your organisation with the new visual IVR and create more successful resolutions. Eliminate confusing and cumbersome voice IVR trees with Visual IVR menus.

Cloud Payment Group - Debt Collection Agency

Visual IVR dramatically reduces time to successful resolution. Intuitive visual interfaces with purposeful automation mean customers find what they’re looking for up to 6 times faster than traditional voice IVR systems. Next-level speed provides incredibly low Average Handling Time and creates happier customers. Visual IVR transforms legacy IVR into modern convenience.

Cloud Payment Group - Debt Collection Agency

Fast, effective visual interfaces, combined with purposeful automation, increase call containment over traditional IVR alone and deflect common tedious calls away from busy customer service representatives. Digital IVR saves your staff from repetitive calls and decreases staff burnout. Visual IVR allows your team to focus on complex calls where a level of expertise is needed.

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  • Visual IVR

    Streamline the user journey with instant visual menus

  • Always On

    True omnichannel customer service available 24/7

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    Automatic alerts with real-time data analysis & reporting

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    Design and edit every visual menu with easy to use drag-and-drop Cloud Payment Group Studio

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    Proactively send customers the right text or email at the right time