On Demand App- API Integration

On Demand App- API Integration

"Cloud Payment Group provides the next generation of debt collection."

Cloud Payment Group - Debt Collection Agency

Most debt recovery activities are based on antiquated and obtrusive channels such as sending letters, calling repeatedly, sending bland SMS text messages, home visits, or providing a basic customer portal with no dynamic interaction.

The Cloud Payment Group web-app solution offers digital self-service engagement 24/7, providing users with account information, settlement offers, and monthly payment alternatives.

Intuitive visual app-like environment does not require any download.

Seamless integration with the payment gateway and your customer system - which drives the intelligent flow of information.

Never Miss an Opportunities to Help Your Customers Better

Cloud Payment Group Benefits

Mobile On-Demand: Mobile App download is not required

Improved customer experience

Automates tedious processes

Reduces Average Handling Time

Targeted revenue growth opportunities

Reduced resources

24/7 payment channel

No manual paperwork

Increased contact points


Creating a campaign includes four main activities:

  • 1.Create the campaign

    a) Specific Web-App for each campaign (sub-menu)
    b) Campaign Details
    i. Start & End Date
    ii. Promotional Discount
    iii. Promise to Pay Details
    iv. Etc.

  • 2. Upload Debtors List

    a) Access Credentials
    b) Account Details
    c) Etc.

  • 3. Launch

    Debt Collection Agency sends messages to debtors
    Debtors login and make payments or agree to pay
    Zappix updates CRM

  • 4.Report & Analyse

    Partner / Debt Collection Agency can view high-level campaign metrics
    Partner / Debt Collection Agency can generate a full report with debtor specific details for each campaign