Debt Collection

Debt Collection

"Our focus on advanced technology, brings a much-needed change to the industry."

Cloud Payment Group - Debt Collection Agency

Early Action is Key

Cloud Collections are unique in our offering of debt collection services. Demonstrating over 40 year's experience in working in partnership with a large number of credit providers and local authorities across Australia.

Using the vast knowledge our staff have garnered over many year's, we have tailored our services to specific industry types. We do not believe that one size fits all and we understand that industries and government departments will vary greatly.

Early action is key to ensure we maximise recovery whilst keeping costs low.

At Cloud Collections we conduct a number of pre-action case checks on accounts to ensure we have the latest data and best information to contact your debtor.

Never Miss an Opportunities to Help Your Customers Better

  • Demands

    We make demand for payment of your account from your debtor to gain their commitment to pay. Demand for payment is made in various ways.

    • Written
    • Telephone
    • SMS
    • Email

    Your Debt Collections Specialist will contact your debtor to demand immediate payment. If your debtor is not able to clear your account immediately, we will negotiate the best possible outcome and manage any payment plan to clear your debt as quickly as possible.

  • Proactive Telephone Collections

    Using the latest digital technology, we make outbound calls, both during and after office hours (including weekends). This ensures that we maximise every opportunity to contact your debtor to discuss your account and secure payment.

    This is complemented by SMS messaging, written & email demands and our on-demand app.

    With a focus on removing communication barriers and offering a wide choice of contact channels we can demonstrate a significant increase in recovery rates and speed of return.

    Where payment is not made and contact with your debtor is not successful we will make an informed recommendation for further recovery action.

  • Field Calls

    When your debtor does not respond, our field agents will attend to make demand in person.

    We partner with licensed investigators to make enquiries in the field on your behalf.

  • Legal Action & Insolvency

    Where demands for payment are not successful it may be necessary to commence legal proceedings to secure a positive outcome.

    We work closely with a panel of solicitors, in every State and Territory, to manage both undefended and defended legal action along with insolvency proceedings.

    Your Debt Recovery Specialist will ensure you are kept up to date with the progress of all matters.

  • Client Liaison

    All of our clients have a dedicated specialist who will be responsible for the day to day operational contact with your team, ensuring all actions are completed, cases updated, and all queries resolved immediately.

  • State of the Art Reporting

    All activity is recorded through our Debt Collection Management system. You can access all actions and information via our extranet portal, DebtView™.

    DebtView™ provides detailed and graphical reporting on all aspects of activity and performance, comparing month by month and year by year results to ensure detailed and informative analysis.

    Reports are available to clients ‘on demand’ by logging into your dedicated client area on DebtView™.

    In addition, we measure the effectiveness of all recovery stages through internal analysis to ensure our staff are continually demonstrating our values of proactivity and communication.

  • Client Management & Review

    Our Senior Management Team get involved and regularly review all aspects of our offering, including quality, performance, implementation of new initiatives and our client relationships.